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Latest Reply from Alice at 2015-08-27 04:44:20

I once had a website where I figured out how to do this - sadly, I deleted it and now I cant remember.

I have tried to go under Admin -> Settings -> Media, and change thumbnail size from 150x150 to what I would prefer, however the image size is still locked to the same, even though I've tried to reupload the images.

I want the thumbnails for my posts to be as wide as the news width box, but no matter how much I try to fix this it doesnt change at all and I dont know why.

I've tried with the admin settings media settings, but it just keeps being 278x211

First of all you need to change value of the option "Loop image width" on page SportPress --> Layout in the dashboard of your website and then reupload your images on page Media. However, if your image width is less then your news width box.

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