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Latest Reply from Ashley at 2013-05-09 15:13:18 Solution
I added the menu I created to the main menu option within the "Menu" section. I *thought* I changed the layout to top menu when it goes to the other pages on the site. But when I click the links on the main menu (on the home page) it just opens the page below. Also, whenever I am on the home page the main menu is seen but sometimes when I navigate away from the page and hit back it changes to a top menu. How do I get every page but the home page to have the top menu layout instead of the main menu?

Thanks for the help!
Hi Ashley
I am using sunnybeach theme which has 2 menus,(im guessing all the themes are very similar).I wanted all my navigation on the top menu container but didnt want home or catagories in the main menu container.I created 2 menus,1 for the top with all my pages in and the second one empty.I set the top menu box as my navigation and the main menu box as the "empty" menu which gave me what i wanted ( this workaround helps you.

This didn't particularly work for this situation but it did for another site scenario so thank you!

I am thinking my problem above might relate to the type of page layout I choose. Does anyone else have any thoughts on how to fix this?


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