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Latest Reply from Dave at 2017-08-09 09:26:01
Hi, I hope anyone can help me out... My website main menu is messed up, and also the big picture at the top just suddenly is lined out left. Going back to last WP version didn't help. I found it out today, after WP 4.8.1. was installed, but it may have happened before, not sure, as I haven't been working on the site for a while.
my theme is Originative, and there is no update on that one.

This is the best insruction on how to fix the menu:

You may follow the instruction or just download the updated version of the theme and replace your current wp-content/themes/originative/functions.php file with the new one from the newly downloaded theme.
Hi Dave, there is no updated version of my theme Originative to download.... what is your advice?

We didn't change theme version but it was updated at the same day when the WordPress 4.8 has been launched. Just download the theme and replace the functions.php file of it to resolve the issue.

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