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Latest Reply from Dave at 2015-07-08 03:59:12
Dear support-team,

I have an issue with the site of my movie blog ( that is limited to its display on mobile devices.
The main menu, which is the only one I use, is displayed correctly when viewed on a PC, however, it is not when viewed on mobile devices (smartphone and tablet alike).
The problem is the menu not displaying as the usual drop-down-menu, but rather as a list of the different links.
This pushes all the content too far down the page and makes it look ugly.

I hope you can help me!

Best Regards from Germany

Could you clarify the problem please. Screenshots are appreciated. As I can see the menu works properly in the mobile mode. The multi-level structure of the menu can't be displayed in the mobile mode - it is impossible to hover an element on mobiles or tablets to open a submenu before clicking the needed menu item. That's why all the menu items are put into one drop-down menu.

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