Main and Top Menu not working on iPhone

Latest Reply from Roxie Thiessen at 2014-06-19 20:54:58 Solution
The top main menu and the top sub-menu are not working. I have asked about it on this forum and no one is getting back to me. I may have to ask for a REFUND.

Please contact me.

Sorry, they are working but not on an iPhone
Please, clarify the issue. We have tested your website on iPhone and the menus work. Screenshots are appreciated.

Okay, here is a video. It doesn't work on both our iphones, and both our iPads. We have the newest iPhones.

Yes, you are right. It doesn't work. Do you use any third-party plugins?
Please try to add following code to the section <head> in the file header.php:
Yes, we are using some plugins. Why, do you think that is causing the problems? I will try the coding but we are using Godaddy Managed Wordpress and we are not sure if we have access to the header.php. I will check it out.
Hi, I did remove some plugins (not sure if that helped) but I did add that script you gave me. When I tested it, it did not work at first. But later when my husband came home we checked on his iphone, and the links are working now. Thanks. I think that coding helped!

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