Logo scaling problem allwasy looks like 120

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Greets everybody from Bavaria German, this is my first post on this forum.

I have a "simple" problem that makes me ill:

I try to replace my own logo instead if "Karolina"-Logo, but on a normal Desktop it allways looks like scaled up to 120% or higher. Even the letters look "not sharp" because it´s scaled up.

In the mobile view everything is fine, but on desktop it looks like "Overdrive Anti Alias".

I tried to make the logo bigger, but it even scales up.

The question is: where can I define the maximum scaling , I mean "100%" and not higher.

By the way: same problem with "top.jpg"

I´m happy for every help !

Greets Sven
A specified image is uploaded "as is". Please, clarify the issue. Could you give us the URL of your website.
Good morning

URL is: http://wi-medienmanagement.de/

Views in Internet Explorer and Google Chrome is correct, the problem appears only in Firefox (compare views).

Look at the Logo on top left (Wilhelm Medienmanagement)
It looks the same. Really, can't find the difference. Please try to adjust browser resolution.

You are right !!!!

Sorry !!! What a stupid mistake by me!!

Nevertheless: Thanx for your support !!!

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