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Hello. I'm the C.E.O. of Golden Vipers multi-gaming eSports club and I am here regarding a new problem that appears on the GeGame theme page builder of course by Live Composer.

I told to wordpress forum as well like: "Hello everyone.

My name is Andrei Costin Macovei and I am the C.E.O. of Golden Vipers multi-gaming eSports club. I need help with the prizes page. When I click it as default and enter it as the page itself I see pictures and text. When I open it with Live Composer to edit/add new pictures or replace them with others and stuff I see a blank page with the title as “GOLDENVIPERS PRIZES” and I cannot edit it as the text and there is nothing else just this text with caps on. Thanks!"

"Ok thanks but yesterday already made that path and I am waiting for any kind of feedback hoping there is a fix. By the way I must say that if I am going to other pages I can edit them easily but I have only the bug with prizes page that’s all. Again thanks for replying to me.

King Regards,
Andrei Macovei"

So this is a bug/problem/issue from Live Composer or Wordpress or your theme ?

You can find the reason for the problem by switching to another theme for test.
If it doesn't work you would better find another plugin.
Thank you. It is already fixed after one day. I don't know why and how but it is fixed. Thanks for your kind support.

King Regards,
Andrei Macovei

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