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Hello. I'm the C.E.O. of Golden Vipers multi-gaming eSports club and I am here regarding a new problem that appears on the GeGame theme page builder of course by Live Composer.

I told to wordpress forum as well like: "Hello everyone.

My name is Andrei Costin Macovei and I am the C.E.O. of Golden Vipers multi-gaming eSports club. I need help with the prizes page. When I click it as default and enter it as the page itself I see pictures and text. When I open it with Live Composer to edit/add new pictures or replace them with others and stuff I see a blank page with the title as “GOLDENVIPERS PRIZES” and I cannot edit it as the text and there is nothing else just this text with caps on. Thanks!"

"Ok thanks but yesterday already made that path and I am waiting for any kind of feedback hoping there is a fix. By the way I must say that if I am going to other pages I can edit them easily but I have only the bug with prizes page that’s all. Again thanks for replying to me.

King Regards,
Andrei Macovei"

So this is a bug/problem/issue from Live Composer or Wordpress or your theme ?

You can find the reason for the problem by switching to another theme for test.
If it doesn't work you would better find another plugin.

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