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Latest Reply from cnorzagaray at 2013-05-22 12:17:00 Solution
Hi, i have a problem with footer links, i have the free version, i did not remove the links, but a few days ago a warning message appears floating on the page asking me to return the links to the footer, so i searched in the editor and replace the old links line with the one that the message ask me to place. now the footear appears and the links are there.. but the warning is still there too! PLEASE HOW DO I REMOVE IT
the web is:
Hi, yesterday the server was down, so the page wasn´t showing, now it´s up again... can somebody help me on this???
hi, please, can some body help me with this???
I tryed to install this theme. It works without links. Probably, they fixed this. You need to download theme again and reinstall it.
thanks! gonna try it and let you know! :)

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