Links dont open correctly in IE

Latest Reply from chancero at 2013-02-05 10:30:17
I recently built a team page using this theme, I was ready to launch it when I came across a problem. Everything works fine in Chrome, but when using IE, the menu links try to open at a different location. If you hit the back arrow, you end up on the page you were trying to go to.

I recently re-installed thinking it was something I did (so the content hasnt been fully reloaded), but the basic WP themes work fine in both Chrome and IE, so its something with this theme. Is there a work around?
Probably you have incorrect links, base url, or some third-party plugin, which uses JavaScript, conflicted with our code. You have to check your plugins and links, or disable option "Load content dynamically" on page FootballNet->Layout in your dashboard.
Thanks, it was the dynamic loading that was the culprit

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