Link Problem in IE 10 and Safari

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I added a text widget with a link in the sidebar of this template. I am having trouble with my link opening in the same window even when I add a target="_blank" within the <a href> link. I want the link to open in a separate tab. This is occurring in Internet Explorer. In Safari it is opening in a new window completely.

The browsers I am having this issue with are Internet Explorer 10 and Safari.

Has anyone else experienced trouble with this in this theme? I do have several plugins added to the theme so I guess that's the next thing to look at but wanted to first see if it was related to the theme itself.

I have the same problem with IE9 if i click a "_blank" link

it open http://mydomain.com

if i click (left click) the link with open new window it works fine.

I have test chrome, firefox and opera there work all fine, too.

Other themes do not have the problem.
I have the same problem.

Has someone already found a solution?

Please, download the theme again and replace the file js --> hashchange.js with the original file from the archive.
I tried it but it didn't wasn't the solutions. Do you have some more idea's??
Could you give the URL of your site?
I just found the solution in another post.

Just disable the "Load content dynamically" optionon page Layout of the theme settings..

But thanks for your help.

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