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Good afternoon;

In my welcome page I have a link that point to my contact page. The default text color is white which is no problem and I prefer. However, the link color is also white and blends in with the text. The hover color does change to the theme color.

I am trying to change the color of the "Contact Form" link but having difficulties.

I can change the color of the text using the CSS color style but lose the hover color.

Attempting this on my own with little success I am stumped. The last tried code was the CSS a:link below. In the styles.css. This also makes no change.

a:link {
color: yellow;

Thanks again for John's help in support. This did the trick!

Solution is below:

Please find following code in your style.css:

a {

change color value to orange, and save changes. You can edit file style.css on page Appearance->Editor in your dashboard.

Best regards,
John, Support.
Damn that didn't work for me. I don't see that line of code - even did a search. My text is white, my links are white lol. I want the links to be like blue or red or something to people can discern that they are, indeed, links!
Could you give us the URL of your website, please?

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