Lightbox problem for gallery in pages

Latest Reply from idanka at 2013-02-12 04:26:31
I would like to report a problem, this is probably a bug.
I'm using nextgen gallery and easy fancybox plugins.

Every time I visit my page, the lightbox pop up is not working, in order to make it to work, I must open the page, hit refresh and the the light box start to work.

The problem disappear when I change to another template. Help me please, I really like this theme and I don't want to use another :(

Thank U
Hi have a similar problem (look at my post of yesterday evening)... the problem is related to the ajax menu callback: using ajax wordpress does not properly set the varibles accessed by is_home and is_page methods.

If you find any solution, please answer me.

I tried to check js files to solve the issue, but are encrypted.

@ Diego, Okay I will inform you if I find any solution for this problem, but for now I haven't got any clue yet :(
@ Dhany: THX! ... I think that a fix could be disable the ajax support, but I'm still looking how.
Try to disable option "Load content dynamically" on page layout of theme settings.


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