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We purchased sweethome a while ago for our tabletennis club. Members of our club are complaining that the size of the front photo is too large in comparison to the text below it.

Especially people with a lower resolution only see the photo and not the text below it.

Is there a way:
- To make the displayed photo in the slider smaller?
- To get rid of the grey top bar with the search bar in there?
- To only use 1 menu

We would also like to get more space for 2 sidebars (1 left, 1 right) and the middle with the text in there. Which stylesheet must we edit to increase the total width of the page?


Mark -
You can change slider size in file style.css by editing the following sections:

.fp-thumbnail {
.fp-slides {
margin:0px auto;

.fp-slides-items {

To get rid of the grey top bar you have to delete the background for body here:

body {
background:url(images/top.png) left top repeat-x;

To remove the search box you have to delete the code:

<div class="menusearch" title="">
<?php get_search_form(); ?>

Besides, I advise you to decrease the height of secondarymenu container on the line 238 in the file style.css:

#secondarymenu-container {
height: 40px;
Thanks Alice. We'll give it a try!
Grtz, Mark

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