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Latest Reply from Dave at 2017-05-25 04:08:21 Solution
Hello, after updating the theme, it is a smaller size and the logo no longer fits properly. Also the slider images are now smaller. Even though in the demo you show, it is sized properly. How do I fix this?

Could you give us the URL of your website to understand the issue, please.

An ideal size for logo is about 247px*80px. As I can see your logo is a bit bigger than it is supposed to be. That's why menu is closer to logo and overlapped by it.
Okay, I'll update it, but originally it was fine. What about the slider and the actual layout? It is now smaller on my site than it is in your demo. It used to be the same size as the demo.
Yes, I see. It is very strange. When did all these changes happen on your site? Perhaps, you remember that it happen after installing of some new plugin or smth else?
It was when I updated the theme.
Do you mean that you have downloaded the latest version of the theme, deleted your current one and installed a new one?

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