Issue with Gamestation slider text field can I replace it

Latest Reply from Dave at 2014-08-05 05:11:52
I'm using the gamestation theme, and while I generally like it alot, I have 1 major beef: the text box for the slider. it is very prohibitive when it comes to putting text in that box, namely a headline or post title. I was wondering if it was possible to edit a line of code to make 1 of 2 changes to the text field. either A) change the appearance of the text field to the long bar that shows up at the bottom of the slider in themes such as gamecenter and gamex, or B) change the size of the header/headline text in the text field to something much smaller, so I can fit more than one word in the field without going to the next line and sucking up more than 50% of the text space.
for reference purposes, my website is
To change the appearance of the theme you need to edit css files such as style.css. Find the line
/*------------------------------ SLIDER ------------------------------*/
and edit the code below in accordance to your preferences.
Could you clarify the issue about your text in header?

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