Issues with SEO how do I disable so can use SEO Yoast

Latest Reply from Alice at 2014-01-27 07:07:14
At the moment same page titles etc are on each and every page - as the theme will not use SEO Yoast - which is not good practice.. please advise
To get rid of meta discription that our theme provides you have to delete text (lines number 465-467) :
echo "<title>".sprintf($format,$title)."</title>\r\n";
echo '<meta name="Description" content="'.preg_replace('/[\'\"]/', '',$descr)."\" />\r\n";
echo '<meta name="Keywords" content="'.$keywords.$this->get( 'seo', 'keywords' )."\" />\r\n";

from folder inc--> library.php located in the directory of theme.

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