iphone cuts leftright columnssidebars on 1 site but not on the other site

Latest Reply from Dave at 2013-08-29 09:45:20
Here's something strange...
I used smartpress theme for 1 site, and on an iphones I noticed that the left sidebar is cut.
When I contacted support the answer was:

"Phone version of template has not a sidebar. In tablet separator has been removed to save space for small screen."

Well, I could live with that.

Then I created another website on the same server, but on a different domain.
It's a French replica of the 1st site.
I translated all the buttons and texts to French and also my posts and I'm very pleased with the outcome.

Now comes an enigma.

When I browse to the French site from an iphone - the sidebar is NOT cut!
The whole website shrinks to fit the screen and looks exactly like it looks on a desktop computer.

That's awesome! but how do I make the 1st (English) website do the same?

I went over the preferences in both of the website and they are identical except for the "translation" tab.

I actually downloaded and uploaded the whole "smartpress" directory from the French website to the English one as it is and even that didn't help...

Still the English website reacts to the iphone just like support said it is designed to, but the French one reacts to the iphone BETTER!

I also noticed 2 more strange things.

1) In ALL of the themes on smthemes if you look at the demo and click the iphone button - the sidebar is cut.
So...is it supposed to be like that?and if so - then why is it NOT like that on my French website?

2) When I use smartphone emulators to test my 2 websites - BOTH OF THEM show without a sidebar... When I use an actual iphone - just the English one is without a sidebar.
So...can these emulators (including the one used in smthemes.com site) be trusted at all?


Please, give us the URL of your French and English websites.

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