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Using the Pressa theme on my site (this issue happens in the demo as well) when attempting to click links in Internet Explorer (I've tested IE8 and IE9) it brings you back to the index page.

For example in the demo if you click on a link in IE while viewing the theme at -- It brings you back to the main index page (

This is a really serious issue as many of the people who plan to view my clients site aren't very tech-savvy and tend to use Internet Explorer.

Any ideas on resolving this problem will be greatly appreciated.
I have the same problem with the Garage theme on my site ( Anyone know how to solve this?
Same problem with sunnybeach theme. And I see that there is no support here, this post is here since a month and no answer...
Still no idea ?
Same here, very dissapointing :-(
This problem occurs when the code of some of the plug-ins, used on your website, in conflict with the code template. You have to find conflict plug-in or disable option "Load content dynamically" on page Layout of your theme settings.
Thanks for the quik response. It worked. I disabled it.

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