Infinite Scroll and a few other thoughts.

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Where is the Infinite Scroll option to tune it off. Our members do not like the constant scroll they prefer on the home page to only have about 10 topics show up. I went to setting/Reading and set the pages to 10 but that does not seem to work.

I have tried adding a footer widget and that does not work either. Is this a hard code change? I also noticed that if I change to a theme you did not design, all the vids we have added, do not carry over. Is the vid embed system you have in your themes unique to you? Not saying I would ever want to leave SMT but if I did I would have to re post 100s of vids

I really like Grunger and a few other themes, any way to widen the columns just a tad? Some widgets are slightly wider then your design settings.


I have the same problem with the infinite scroll thing! Hope there is an answer
Yup, these guys do not make the money from the unlocking of their footer, it's from the people who pay to have their links embedded in the themes. Given the lack of support I suggest you use the free one.

I think the solution is go to dashboard/settings/reading and set blog posts to a max of 5 or 10 (some number) there is a blog roll plugin as well that will turn it off. You could also remove the calendar plugin and that may do it as well. I did all of these with the exception of the plugin and the situation seemed to resolve.

Would be nice if there was support here. Do not pay for anything, have you seen the issues people are having after they pay this place. Many can't even activate the link version. Also, test drive everything, several and I mean several of the themes have poor font colors i.e. they blend in with the background or the hover color does as well. QA seems to have lacked or the the developer may be color blind.

Not saying the themes are not neat, they are sharp looking and work but no way in heck would I pay this place based on what I have read. Wordpress does not even support theme shops that do what this place is doing. They say, "free" but it's not, you have to pay to shut off the links and even then there are so many packed codes in the base files you really do not know what is running in the background. The theme structure is not transparent and that posses some risk. We use a theme by this place but watch it closely.

Here is the solution from the developer:

Please uncheck option "Load content dynamically" and "Load posts dynamically" on page SuperCars->Layout in your dashboard.

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