Images in sidebar disappearing in safari and chrome

Latest Reply from Jeff Parker at 2013-11-02 09:03:57
carstarts theme.

there is something weird happening with images posted in both chrome and safari in the sidebar (seems to be working fine in firefox... havent tested IE yet).

i have a text widget that i am simply adding an image on. when the page loads, the spot for the image is sitting there, but instantly collapses. when you look at the code, there is styling added to it INLINE (so its not something in a css file)... added after the fact, so it has to be javascript... but i cant find whats causing it. ive been pulling out my hair for the last couple of days now.

style="display: none !important; margin: 10px auto; visibility: hidden !important; opacity: 0 !important; background-position: 241px 196px;"

that obviously would hide anything that its tacked onto. so.... what am i missing?

ive tried adding code to counter... like display:block, but it doesnt matter.

i need a fix for this ASAP please!
nevermind. issue was unrelated. please delete this thread.

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