I have 2 problems

Latest Reply from Alice at 2016-11-06 04:32:02
Hello there, I have two problems:

1. Submenus are not visible from Netbooks. That's weird.

2. When you see my website from a mobile device, the menus appear behind the 'Go to...'. I want to make it different, as menus look on computers.

Website: http://www.laurasalasproducciones.com/

Thank you!!
One more thing!!

3. Menus with submenus, I want to make the menu impossible to click, so people can get only into submenus. Is it possible?

1) Could you clarify the sceen size of your netbook, please.
2) The mobile menus appear on the screen size less than 1024px. To get rid of the mobile mode you may use the following instruction:

3)To make the link ( any of the menu links ) not clickable you need to add "Custom link" on the Appearance --> Menus page in the dashboard of your website, but the "href" attribute must be "#" instead of any link address.

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