how to remove the underline of the links? please help me

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I installed the MusicPress Theme and wanted to remove the underline of the Links, but I couldn't find it. Where can I remove it? also I didn't see any option in style.css for it!

Please Help Me...
Thanks for the help.

I had a situation where I wanted to change the color of a link. I could not see in the style.css.

Through email support, John guided me to the section in the style.css

a {
color: #fff;
text-decoration: none;

You should have something similar, the color will most likely be different.

For your issue, I do not have the same template, but the text-decoration is probably set to underline. Change it to none if it is there.

Good luck. These templates seem to be a challenge, at least for me they are proving to be.

Post if this works.

tank you azpaul, this is working now.

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