How to remove date in pages without hurting posts

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I want to disable date on my pages (not posts) in SuperCars theme

I modified
<span class='post-date'><?php echo get_the_date(); ?></span>&nbsp
to that:
<span class='post-date'><?php if(is_single()){ echo get_the_date();} ?></span>&nbsp

But it stop showing the dates of post in main post list. But when i open some post the date appears. The pages meanwhile don`t show dates now. But i need my posts to show dates everywhere, so what I did wrong ? And how to do it right ?
You can replace it with:
<span class='post-date'><?php if((is_single())|!(is_single())){ echo get_the_date();} ?></span>&nbsp
Hello , Alice!

First of all thanks for fast response.
I am not really pro , but i guess that
was a misprint in your post, right ?
Anyway , your code doesn`t work , and I think it is because you meant
because otherwise it would always get the same "if" result(show date).

So, for showing dates in posts but not in pages you should add this
<span class='post-date'><?php if((is_single())||!(is_page())){ echo get_the_date();} ?></span>&nbsp
in theloop.php file. Problem solved.

But I would be very grateful if someone explains me why is_single() alone does not work
argh , I tried to highlight the code with bold html-tags.

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