How to overwrite SEO settings on Photopaper

Latest Reply from alice.tam at 2015-02-17 06:49:29 Solution
I find it impossible to see the title and descriptions I set (through SEO Yoast). I think there is a setting concerning the SEO tags that is already set within Photopaper theme but I don't know how to overwrite it.
Can someone help me?
What version of the theme are you currently using?
hi, it's version 2.2
In this case you may get rid of meta description by deleting the code (lines number 465-467) :
echo "<title>".sprintf($format,$title)."</title>\r\n";
echo '<meta name="Description" content="'.preg_replace('/[\'\"]/', '',$descr)."\" />\r\n";
echo '<meta name="Keywords" content="'.$keywords.$this->get( 'seo', 'keywords' )."\" />\r\n";

from folder inc--> library.php located in the directory of theme.
Ok, thanks a lot

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