How to make 2nd 3rd and else pages open only on click

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At the moment I am using GirlsBook 2.0 template, i need to show on first page only 10 posts for exemple (only one page), and if somebody want to see other pages he must click on 2nd, 3rd or last page.

Now on main page are shown more pages when a person are moving to the footer for exemple, there are shown 2nd, 3rd... pages...

Please help to change it!

Thanks in advance !
Found it in Layout settings !

For anyone that have this problem ( like changing number of showing posts in per pages and ... ) please enter this path when you are in your WordPress Dashboard


for me it is Localhost/wp-admin/options.php

you will redirect to your full settings page of your WordPress.
also there is so many options, like security settings, your personal settings, your site settings, your mail of your website settings, RSS settings and so so so many things else.

ATTETION: Please do not change any setting if you do not completely know what is the setting you are about changing it. it will break your setting and site and your security!

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