how to get drop down menu to work!!

Latest Reply from Ironbear at 2013-03-07 23:25:41
i have the soundwavesse theme and cant get the child pages to drop down when the mouse hovers over! help please....
I to am having problems with my menu, I can't even get my main menu items to be clickable. Maybe we can take a look at each other's sites? Mine is:

Hi, there!

Hoodhendrix, please give us URL to your website.

Tim, there is block hdr-slideshow in your footer, which appears under your main menu. You have to remove this block or fix it.
I'm having trouble with getting my menu to drop down and show child pages under a main article page. It shows one page only.. how can I change that so it will show all pages under that heading?
Sorry.. I'm using the Womanish Theme..
The URL is

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