How to delete second title of category

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Hello. When i active the category widge, the default one, there is second name of that widge. Category is wrote two times, in my language is Категории.
Check picture:
How can i delete the one i have marked? They told me it could be from the theme i;m using, animepress.

Could you give us the URL of your website, please?
This is my url -
Dave, can you help?
If I enable this widget on my website I don't have this issue. Perhaps, some third party plugin or script makes this problem. If you could give me an access to the dashboard of your website I would be able to test this error.
If you would like to give me an access to the dashboard, please send us the login and password via
Thanks for understanding.
It's little complicate there, cuz i have partner in this, he doesn't like the idea sharing this information. We have done once backup cuz we gave that infomartion to Contus video gallery' support, they messed up the whole site. Isn't there any code that i can put, which can delete this double title? Once i have done it, but i needed to backup and i've lost the changes, which i don't remember now.

Sorry, but we can't help you in this case. I've tried to use default widgets and didn't get the same result. Perhaps, some of your website settings, plugins or scripts influence this widget. So the issue is on your website and solution can be found only if we could test this issue exactly on your website.
Hello, i've disable the plugins, but that problem stays. It may because i'm using 4.25 version of wordpess. Isn't there a Code that you can provide me, so i can remove it? I really have done it before, but, for god sake, i don't remember how...
I can inspect it, see the code, but dunno what to do.
I've tried many time but if I use default WordPress widget Categories I don't get this .screen-read-text label. I may only suggest you to hide it with css.
Can you tell me how to hide it? What is the code and where, and if i use it, i will hide both titles or only the one i want?
The code you need to hide the element is:

#categories-2 .screen-reader-text {
Dave, in which file to put this? If i use it in widget logic, the whole category function disappear from my site.

I'm not aware what widget logic is, but you need to add this code to the style.css file of the theme.
I'm really thankful!

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