How to change menu effect

Latest Reply from Dave at 2016-12-12 04:33:00
Hello. Let me try to explain what im trying to do...
That's my site.
By clicking that link with picture, you can see the menu effect with the slide. I want to change it so something more flashy now. Maybe new effect when u scroll on the Menu, something like vibration or other effect to appear under the text and the falling menu to look better. To many year now with that old effect, i need something new now. Can you help me and tell me which file and line are for that. Thanks.

You may choose an effect for menu on page AnimePress --> Menu. You may choose any of the existing. To edit the menu you will have to edit the superfish.js file located inside the 'js' folder of the theme. Unfortunately, we don't provide any services for edting themes for individual users.

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