How to change Google Maps location

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Hello there! I am using your SuperCars theme and going to buy it (yep , that`s true) , but now I am testing it and I found an issue: if I enter my coordinates to google map ( in your framework contacts form) it shows wrong place ( about 100 meters away). It happens in both situations, when I am using concrete address, like HighwayToHell 66 , or altitude.

But when I go to Google Maps at my altitude coordinates shows me right place.

What to do? How can I (can I?) manually insert google map into contact page?

PS Sorry for my ugly English, I am from Russia (yes-yes, vodka,Putin,bears)
5 days has passed. No answer still. Is it a good support work or my problem is so unimaginably difficult?

Could at least someone help me with finding the file which realize google maps work ?
Could you give us the URL of your website, please. What coordinates did you try to specify?
Hello, now sorry for my late response - i was cutted of civilization for some time)

here is the URL
I try this coordinates: 59.97584,30.37499 , if you past them to google maps( you will see a green arrow and red(or pink?) mark.
Now on my site is displayed the second one. But I need a green one(I mean that i need that position, not color :), because there is my carwash and 100meters inaccuracy makes difference.
This is a feature of Google Apps, to change this you have to contact google developers.
Thank you for your answer!

Just have send report to google, I will post all my actions here for someone who maybe will have the same issue
So, All you nedd to do is just go to google maps search or zoom to desired area and then in lower right coner you will have an option to report any problems you have with maps.

it took about 1-2 week for google to change my coordinates.

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