How to add Yahoo Emoticons in Comments

Latest Reply from m3 at 2013-02-28 04:54:34
I am using GirlsBook 2.0 and I want to add Yahoo Emoticons.
I uploaded the plugin, activated, but when I try to add code:
<?php if(function_exists(‘smilies_clickable’)) { echo ‘<p>’; smilies_clickable(); echo ‘</p>’; } ?>

in comments.php before
'comment_field' => '<p class="comment-form-comment">

On site dissapeared comments and where was footer, there is shown with red color to return links to the footer ?

How I can add this emoticons, to comment form, or maybe you can advice a better plugin ?

Thanks in advance !

first by default, plugins add themselves automatically to your functions and pages, so you need just active plugin and sure in your WordPress plugin page, there is options to change your plugin ( each plugin has its setting ).

ATTENION: PLEASE DO NOT change any PHP setting if you DO NOT knowledge about it before changing!

Look! it's an array ! it's exist before in WordPress and with adding you are about breaking to calling the array in WordPress. you can't add things for fun in the array ( that absolutely you are not trying add in array :D just for others that have problem like this )

only to describe or for echoing texts, you can add ' and ", ‘ and ’ shouldn't add at all ( ` used by SQL ). like when you try to echoing Hello you should use this code:
<?php echo "Hello!"; ?> or <?php echo 'Hello!'; ?>

so try following php function:

<?php if(function_exists('smilies_clickable')) { echo '<p>'; smilies_clickable(); echo '</p>'; } ?>

in most themes, functions and PHP settings just replace themselves with some rules and styles to WordPress. so you can't change them ( your theme functions ) without WordPress knowledge.

with adding this function you are about breaking PHP and it 'cause your HTML tag broken

Please introduce plugin that you are using
and please write your Site URL so as a member can help you more.

Hope Work,
Have fun!
m3 - Thank you for your answer, but the code :

<?php if(function_exists('smilies_clickable')) { echo '<p>'; smilies_clickable(); echo '</p>'; } ?>

didn't worked...

website which I am trying to set with GirlsBook 2.0 theme is :
And plugin is : Yahoo Messenger Emoticons
In its setting there is only : Select between the normal emoticons or the big emoticons.
And that's all...
can someone help me ?

Last night i was here but was so tired, so i didn't answer to your post.
checked this plugin right now, please read this first:

This plugin hasn't been updated in over 2 years. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.

and please read this:

This plugin is design to replace the wordpress default smilies with the emoticons used on Yahoo Messenger

meaning it doesn't add any more emoticon to your wordpress comments or posts, just when you manually use emoticons like " :) " , it replace Yahoo emoticons instead :). so you can't add them for users to use them.

i've like to introduce you a plugin:

and as i told you before in my last reply, that function may work, may not, i've just edited the function. i didn't said " Replace and it will work fine ", i said if you think it works on that way, use this function. but as you can see this plugin's job is not what you thought.

Hope work and enjoy,
Have fun!

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