How do you add a slide

Latest Reply from Grace at 2016-05-24 02:35:25
I have tried several different ways and I am getting very frustrated. What are the steps to adding a image slide to Sunny Beach theme????

You may easily add a slide by following the next steps:
1. Open the Dashboard of your website on the SunnyBeach --> Slider page.
2. Upload an image for your future slide by using the Image URL field.
3. Customize other settings for the slide.
4. Click the Add slide button.
5. Save changes.
Okay So I follow your instructions and its works for the first image.

The second image REPLACES the first image.

I know this because the check mark on the right side of the panel never turns green indicating that something has changed.

The first issue once you click add slide, the screen does not refresh and ALL the info from the first image remains.

We have already fixed this issue. To fix it on your website you need to update the theme or just replace your admin.js file located in the js folder with the new one.

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