How do I remove meta tags and category names from posts

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I would like to remove the meta tags and category names by the side of each post.

How do I do this?

I am using the supercars theme.
Please find and remove following code from the file theloop.php:
//Post meta (comments, date, categories)
if (!is_page()) {?><p class='post-meta'>
<img src='<?php echo get_template_directory_uri();?>/images/smt/category.png' alt='Categories' /> &nbsp;<?php the_category('&nbsp|&nbsp');
if(comments_open( get_the_ID() )) {
?>&nbsp;<img src='<?php echo get_template_directory_uri();?>/images/smt/comments.png' alt='Comments' />&nbsp;<span class='post-comments'><?php comments_popup_link( $SMTheme->_( 'noresponses' ), $SMTheme->_( 'oneresponse' ), $SMTheme->_( 'multiresponse' ) ); ?></span>
<?php }
edit_post_link( $SMTheme->_( 'edit' ), ' | <span class="edit-link">', '</span>' );
</p><?php } ?>
The version I use of Karolina, has got a more complex meta definition.
I should I edit to remove the meta?
Thanks in advance.

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