How do I add a sidebar on the left and right to a page in the superfine theme

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Good afternoon!
I need to add two sidebar to the page of the superfine theme, and left and right.
On the theme settings, it is possible to add only one sidebar, or left or right of the page.
Tell me how to add two sidebar?
Thank you!
Tell me please

You may set a default layout on the page SuperFine --> Layout in the dashboard of your website as well as a custom content layout for a particular page. But this setting can be adjusted when you editing this page. On the right side of the screen there are "Page Attributes" and "Content Layout" is one of them.
Thank you.
This method does not solve my problem, the sidebar is either left or right of the page.
I found where the position of the sidebar is described in the theme function in the settings.php file

'Type' => 'select', 'name' => 'pagelayout', 'value' => 'right', 'title' => 'Content Layout',
'Params' => array (
'No' => 'No Sidebars',
'Right' => 'Right Sidebar',
'Left' => 'Left Sidebar'

), 'Hint' => 'Select a default content layout for all pages and posts on your website. You can set the layout for a particular page / post when editing it. '
'Floatingsidebars' => array (
'Type' => 'check', 'name' => 'floatingsidebars',' value '=>' 1 ',' title '=>' Floating Sidebars', 'hint' => 'Make your sidebars permanently visible when scrolling Up and down. '

And it describes the sidebar functions.php itself

Register_sidebar (array (
'Name' => 'Default sidebar',
'Id' => 'smt_default_sidebar',
'Description' => 'Default sidebar',
'Before_widget' => '<div id = "% 1 $ s" class = "widget% 2 $ s">',
'After_widget' => '</ div>',
'Before_title' => '<div class = "caption"> <h4>',
'After_title' => '</ h4> </ div>'

I added the code in functions.php

Register_sidebar (array (
'Name' => 'Left sidebar',
'Id' => 'smt_left_sidebar',
'Description' => 'Left sidebar',
'Before_widget' => '<div id = "% 1 $ s" class = "widget% 2 $ s">',
'After_widget' => '</ div>',
'Before_title' => '<div class = "caption"> <h4>',
'After_title' => '</ h4> </ div>'

Sidebar 'Left sidebar' appeared in the theme settings Appearance> Widgets
But I can not figure out how to connect my 'Left sidebar' so that it can be correctly displayed on the pages of the site?
I connected it via header.php I added the code to the end of the file

<Div class = "sidebar">
    <? Php dynamic_sidebar ('smt_left_sidebar'); ?>
</ Div>

But the 'Left sidebar' is not displayed within the page boundaries but beyond the borders, which disrupts the display on the page.
Tell me how to correctly connect it to display it on the page borders?
Unfortunately, we don't provide any services paid or unpaid for editing themes for individual users.
However, themes, which have been published earlier than February 2016 have this option to display both sidebars. You may select some more suitable for you.
Thanks for the help, I figured it out myself.
Can someone come in handy.
In the directory / www / wp-content / themes / name themes / styles / main.css
In the main.css file, look for the line .sidebar-right #container {
Right sidebar, because I chose the layout sidebar layout right
And we paste the code

.sidebar-right #container {
Width: 59%;
Margin-right: 0.5%;
Margin-left: 0.5%;
Float: left;
.sidebar {width: 20%; Float: left; }
.sidebar-left .sidebar {
Margin-left: -100%;
.sidebar-right .sidebar {
Margin-left: 0%;
#container {

@media only screen and (max-width: 1023px) {
.sidebar-right .sidebar.floating {
Right: 5%;
.sidebar-left .sidebar.floating {
Left: 5%;

Now both sidebar are displayed correctly on the page
I also changed the width of the page itself, also in main.css
.boxed-container {width: 1152px; Margin: 0 auto; Max-width: 100%; Position: relative; }

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