How can I remove searchbox (menu,slider,facebook widget, etc.)?

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You can remove all widgets from the sidebars and footer, or put there other widgets on page Appearance->Widgets. This is a standart WordPress function and you can find more information about it on page

You can remove slider on page "Slider" of theme settings in your dashboard, just turn off option "Show slider on homepage" to disappear slider on home page and "Show slider on inner pages" to disappear slider on inner pages.

You can remove Social Bar on right side of your screen on page "Social Buttons" of theme settings in your dashboard. Just turn off option "Show social box".

To remove menus or searchbox in the header you have to edit file header.php (in old themes top.php) to remove these blocks from the html, at your own risk.

All changes such as change background, change font, or add new elements, etc you can do by yourself editing css and html at your own risk.

We don't provide any services, paid or unpaid, for editing themes for individual users.
"You can remove all widgets from the sidebars and footer, or put there other widgets on page Appearance->Widgets. This is a standart WordPress function and you can find more information about it on page "

Generally yes, however, the paid "Desert" theme takes foreign content in the sidebars like SMTheme images, flickr etc. (not the case with any other installed theme). My sidebar and widget positions are completely "empty", so nothing should be shown. Seems to be a major bug.

Also send an eMail to your support, no answer yet :-(

Same problem with Inferno. How do I get rid of these widgets without digging into the code manually.
Same problem, the widgets do not appear to be removed ...
In old versions of themes, if you have empty sidebars on page Appearance->Widgets, on the website will be shown default widgets. We are working on updating themes to fix it. At this moment you can drag empty text widget, or any other widgets into needed sidebar. However in old themes you can not completely remove a sidebar.
On the Onion template how can i remove the menu under the logo?

Please help i am new to all of the themes.

Hi, I have purchased the theme "MusicPress" and im trying to remove the part in the top bar where it add's links to pages created. As I just want to have 1 menu.

Don't worry, worked it out :)
To remove the search form from the header just put display: none; in the css file.

It should look like this:

.searchform {
height: 28px;
width: 200px;
border:1px solid #505050;
display: none;
i want all widgets on homepage but i don't want them in other pages. it is possible?

I am looking to increase the size of the right hand side bar to include images that are 250 x 300mm ,...

Where do i change this please?
How do I remove the "Top" navigation menu? I only want to display the "Main" menu on the site.
To remove the top menu you have to delete the following code from the file header.php:
<div id='secondarymenu'>
<?php wp_nav_menu('depth=0&theme_location=sec-menu&container_class=menu-topmenu-container&menu_class=menus menu-topmenu&fallback_cb=block_sec_menu'); ?>

Besides, if you are using the responsive web design, it is better to delete this code too:
<?php smt_mobile_menu('sec-menu'); ?>

How do you change the submenu color of the smartpress theme? The white text on white background prevents the menu information from even showing up. please help
How do you complete the menu of the theme. Now that i removed my menu. How do i complete the new menu !?
Thank you so much Alice for that tip about removing the 2nd menu on mobile.
I've been searching how to do this for weeks :)

There is probably a better way to do this, but i'll tell you how i managed it. Hoover on your submenu and rightclick-inspect element,now on lower right corner u can see which line in CSS are you looking for and the path to that file. In the same corner u will see the color, i think white is #fffff or something like that, copy that and then open the CSS file and go find and paste. Now u can change the color of the background. I know i didn't explain this quite well but at least i tried :) good luck!
And also I want to Add items & remove items from menu.

Hi, i purchase Music theme ( How can I remove searchbox?
Here is the solution:;

Just look a little higher. This code is located in the file style.css.
Please, use the forum search function. I've found the solution for the problem with "Uncategorized" here:
Yes, but, how i edit this?
I would like to remove all categories on menu because they are a lot and cover all the design.

how can hide o delete categories from menu on ladies journal.
Can I remove the slider background color transparency? It is interfering with my images. I would like the title and text to remain though.
Update to above post. I am using the Realtor template. Sorry...
I was finally able to figure out the slider transparency. Now I need help removing the READ MORE text from the slider. Anyone?
ve been trying to add my own slider images but haven't been able to do so and my own background images on the gamezone theme,How woul'd I go about doing this and preferrably decrease the padding of the posting area also?
Is there a way to make the slider automatically just show X number of the most recent posts?
Hello, I'm interested in a few questions on the theme "Dental" We're going to buy you this theme if you help me fix the following items
1. I can not understand how to remove it nevidemoe menu and damages caused to him empty space.
2. How to remove these separators?
Sorry, my cloud service dont work with this service

Just remove following code from the file top.php:
<div id='mainmenu'>
<?php $nav_menu_params=array(
'menu_class'=>'menus menu-primary',
wp_nav_menu($nav_menu_params); ?>

Could you give us the URL of your website, please.
Heh, its work!Thank you! But how can I remove the page title also delimited. as shown in the screenshot two bottom arrows with number two?
To get rid of dot lines you have to remove boder-bottom/top in the following code:
.articles .post-caption h2, .articles .post-caption h1{
border-top:1px dashed #c6c6c6;
border-bottom:2px dashed #c6c6c6;
padding:5px 0;

in the file style.css.
Hello! thank you for helping me so much=)).
but you can tell it how to change the map in the contact page on the satellite map of normal map and disable with the mouse wheel zoom?

I purchased the theme EstatePress, it comes with two menu bars, i wish to edit the code and remove one of them so i remain with one.

My menu is a drop down style, which is completely NOT the menu option I wanted when I purchased my theme, I can NOT find how to change it.
My theme is Woman Secret, and should look like:

but no matter what I have tried, my menu looks like:

I will not edit code, I just want menus like were shown in the example.

2nd issue:
As you can see on my site above, my sidebar is not showing up, despite having multiple widgets in the proper right sidebar, I can't get them to show up. I only see them when I go to the Wordpress customizer, then it shows with right side widgets AND not drop down menus.

How do I get this corrected without struggling through code?
You don't have to edit the code to fix these issues:
1) As I can see the is only one menu item in your top menu and one menu item in the main menu. Please, create a menu on page Appearance --> Menus in the dashboard of your website and set them as Top menu and Main menu. Otherwise the default menus will be set - you see them now on your website (top menu is page menu - as much pages you have as much menu items you will see at the top of the page, main menu is category menu by default, currently there is only one category in your WordPress)

However, your logo is bigger than it is supposed to be. That's why the main menu items is so close to it. You may upload logo img with maximum height of 116px or change height of secondarymenu container by editing the code.

2) As I can see there is sidebar on your website. Perhaps, you forgotten to refresh teh page or set the layout type on page WomenSecret --> Layout page.

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