How can I change home page bookmark name

Latest Reply from Rick at 2013-07-30 10:27:34 Solution

I just noticed that the bookmark text for the website home page is not spelled correctly! How can I fix this?

The bookmarks for all other pages are fine. And the new favicon is fine for all pages.


Could you give us your site URL to detect the problem, please.

Here is URL:

Thanks for your help!

I can not detect the error in displaying of the font. Could you send a screenshot?
Hi Alice,

If you go to this page link it displays a webclip of the bookmark as seen on my computer:

It should be "nursery" not nusery.

I'm not sure how this happened or to correct it...
It's been a week and no response.

Can anyone help me with this issue?


This mistake is in your title-tag. The bookmark text is always the same, like this.

<title>Warren's Nusery</title>

Normally u can change it, in the general options of your theme. The field called Front Page Title.
Hi, Thanks for offering your advice, but it still did not change.

Dashboard > > General > Front Page Title >

All reset, everything on the entire page. Front Page Title now reads:

Warrens Nursery

But new bookmark attempts remains misspelled: Warrens Nusery

Any other suggestions from anyone?

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