How can I add the widget social profiles in the main menu

Latest Reply from Dave at 2014-10-06 02:59:23
I would use the "social profiles" widget in the main menu.
I use a "no sidebar layout" and I cannot add widget to left or right sidebar, for this reason I would add it in the main menu. Actually the only widget area where I can set the social profiles widget is the footer widget area.
Further I don't see where is the Tabs widget area showed.

Finally my questions are:
- is it possible to add the widget social profiles in the main menu ?
- if it isn't possible, is it possible to add an header widget area after the Main Menu ?
- where is showed the Tabs widget area ?

1) Our theme doesn't provide an ability to add widgets to the menu. Nothing is impossible with WordPress CMS. You can edit the files of the theme using the WordPress Codex and customize your website as you want.
2) To use "Tabs Widget" you have to add it to the one of the widget areas and drag the needed widgets to the "Tabs" widget area.

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