How do i delete the sidebar?

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I need to delete the sidebar from the code. Where can i do that?


You can select Content Layout on page TurboPress->Layout in your dashboard.

Hi there, i really need to do it in the code and not in the admin. I am trying to make the strx floating plugin work, and it does, but since the sidebar is "glued" to the main content, i need to unglue it and make it separate.
Right now, the floating effect hides behind the sidebar image, meaning that when i scroll down, the sidebar widgets simply disappear behind the sidebar image, and if i make the sidebar separate, it will show the widgets floating.
How do i unglue it please?

hello again. maybe the deletion of the sidebar isn't the right question here, so i'll try in another way.

I am trying to put the strx floating sidebar plugin working, but it doesn't work with any of your themes.
The thing is that the plugin works because i can see a little text floating, but all the rest gets hidden by the sidebar image. It is like if the plugin has a "send to back" order, or the sidebar has a "send to front". Either way, this is a great plugin that many people use and it doesn't work with any of your themes.
Are you (admin or any user) able to make it work on your site?
Please help.

You can remove sidebar from the code by removing string


from the file header.php

Hi there, thanks for the reply. I did that right now and the result was a blank page. I am again lost...
Can you guys fix this? I'll pay! I just need to know how much first...

I would like to say that i have tried with delicate theme from nattywp, and it worked. The thing that is diferent from Turbopress and delicate is that, when i make the tool "findis" active, on the delicate theme i see there "sidebar" to be choosen, but when i put that on Trubopress, i dont see the "sidebar" option anywhere. All i see are the widgets (for example "banners-2" or "banners-4"), and that has to be the flaw here.

I dont really know how you guys made the sidebars, but why dont i see it on IDS? I see footer there, but no sidebar...HELP!


Help please!

I still need help on this...
When you delete get_sidebar(); from the header.php this should not cause a problem. I have checked it. This is correct way to remove sidebars from template

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