Ho can website load subpage to a new site

Latest Reply from Matt at 2014-02-12 07:16:24 Solution
I don't want to load subpage in a single site.I just want the site to load a new site. At the bottom there are links to previous page, next page. Can you guide me?
Thank you very much.
To load a new site you have to create a link to this site. It can be a link in a page or you can adjust your menu and specify the link for the item. you can adjust your menu on page Appearance --> Menus. It is impossible to link page navigation with a new website.
You have misunderstood my intent. Subpage mean page 1, page 2 of website. Anyway I thank you very much for support me.
Good luck to you, Dave
You should turn off option "Load posts dynamically" on page Layout. In your dashboard.

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