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Hello, I have a forum plugin im using with TheGame and I'd like to disable the left and right sidebars on any of the forums pages, all those pages contain "/discussion-topics/" or just "/topics/" is there a way I can modify the template not to display sidebars on those pages?


Yes, of course. The theme allows you just select Content Layout for a specific page. You just need to go to the Pages --> YOUR SPECIFIC PAGE --> Page Attributes --> Content Layout and select the needed layout in the dashboard of your website.
Thanks, but it's not specifically a page as much an extension so I don't have a specific page to address. I was wondering if there was something more along the lines of this https://premium.wpmudev.org/forums/topic/how-can-i-exclude-the-sidebar-from-a-specific-page

I could do for my specific them, i.e. a bit of code I could alter that wouldn't display the side bars if the url contained "/discussion-topics/" or just "/topics/"

Thanks again
In this case you will definitely have to edit the loop and add your own condition to it. Unfortunately, we don't provide any services paid or unpaid for editing themes for individual users.

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