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Latest Reply from Dave at 2014-12-17 02:46:58
if you look at my site youou will see underneath header in center of page it reads home and info. How to I delete these? It is my understanding that these are categories for posts but home is not listed in my categories and it wont let me delete info because i am guessing you must have a category. THe thing is this is a static site and I am only wanting to have pages and all content will just go on the pages that you see listed at the top of the page. How can I get rid of home and info in center of page? Please help

By default, there are two menus always visible on your screen, the "Main" menu and the "Top" menu. To customize any of them you have to go to the page Appearance => Menus and set the created menu as a main/top menu. You have to remove the Main menu in the header.php file located in the directory of the theme.
Removing the menus has been already discussed on our forum. Please use the following instruction: (main menu).

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