Help me Cut Remove Read more text

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Help me Cut Remove Read more text ?
Help me Open Be prioritized. Category Bar ? & edit Color

About Read More:
Which "Read More" exactly is your mean ? there is so many read mores tag ( like slider, posts, or widgets ).

About Secondary menu ( i guess :D ):
the basically important thing is you should say your URL site and your theme name. i guess no one can't help you like this with a little picture.
First please change your secondary menu names to 1, 2, 3 and etc to make me understand what you did and what is wrong, because i can't understand your language dear Chaiwat :D

and please point at exact color you would like to change with a whole picture from your site and a pointer to where you would change it.

i'm looking for your reply.
Have fun!

Sorry Not good at English.
Help me Open Be prioritized. Category Bar? & Edit Color.
Position 1 move to 3
Position 5 move to 2
Position 4 move to 6

Cut Remove Read more


Sorry. with those pictures i can't help you at all. you show me a piece of a cake and you wanna from me make a new cake!

need your URL site or Theme Name at minimum!

and i asked you to rename your menus, not tell me what you want to do like 1 to 3, 5 to 2 :D =)))
but in your WP -> Appearance -> Menus, when you add new menu you can move them by drag and drop. try to drag a menu and drop above another menu, or try to make a child menus, by drag and drop the menu under and a little bit further. i guess there is no option in WP for arrange menus with alphabetic language.

Have fun!
Hello again,

About removing "Read More" tags follow this solution (CSS Solution):

Find ->


Or in your WP-content, YourThemeDirectory, and then find css folder, and open Index.css with notepad or some editor,

Find ->


Or Line 76

and replace following row to this line:

a.readmore { float:right; text-decoration:none; padding:4px 15px; text-align:center; clear:both; margin-top:20px; visibility:hidden;}

Hope Work,
Have fun!
Please help my website

1. I want to change/style of the menu font where where can change the in style.css?

2. I want to change the tap colure when you hover on the menu where can I do?

3. And my web site is Thai language and I have generate a Thai font the @fontface in the font.css already the English scripts are looked exact the font face I want but Thai scrip doesn't, you know any thing to fix this?

Thank you
go to inc/settings.php and press ctrl+f and type read more and change read more text on slider.

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