Hellfire Theme - Slider stuck on first image dev license but works fine on free edition

Latest Reply from Kat Murphy at 2020-07-14 08:42:57
Hi there -

I recently purchase the hellfire theme (developer license) for my client at www.smroffey.com

Up until last Thursday the slider worked fine, then just stopped. I've tested in the following ways:

- deactivated all plugins
- deleted all unused themes/plugins
- site health inspection - fixed curl/feedback error
- tested slideshow on other smthemes (works fine)
- turned debug = true (there are a few issues, but they're consistent across smthemes, so assuming these are intentional and not critical
- pushed slider back to default settings

All these things resulted in absolutely no change.

I then tested the hellfire theme against itself: hellfire (dev license) vs hellfire (free license).

^^^ theme slideshow works just fine on the free license, but is broken on the dev license

Any thoughts on what might be causing this hiccup?

Thanks in advance! ^_^
After a little more digging, I've found the source of the problem to be the smthemes.js file.

If I use the 'no license' file, the slider works great but the glaring red unactivated bar shows at the bottom.

If I use the licensed file, footer looks great but the slider stops working.

So somewhere in there is super wonky code that's causing the conflict. Looking to see if I can dig it out... in case anyone else is having the same issue. :)

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