Halloween Theme - Making changes?

Latest Reply from lakshnews at 2012-10-03 22:03:04

I just downloaded the halloween theme and I'm loving it, thank you!! Could you please tell me how to make the following changes

1) Get the background (where the post and page content displays) to be white everywhere instead of red on the inner posts,pages or black on the home page.
2) Remove the 'pumpkin' icon from recent posts, meta, comments etc (how would you put in your own icon?)
3) I've created multiple categories but when I add the categories widget to the sidebar menu, it simply says no categories...

It's a beautiful theme, thanks again!
Really appreciate your help

1) you need to add option background:#ffffff; in the section .articles .post-body in the file style.css
2) pumpkin's icon is specified in the section #content .widget .caption h3 of the style.css. You can specify your icon there or remove strings

background: url("images/pumpkin.png") no-repeat scroll left 50% transparent;
padding-left: 24px;

to make it disappear.
3)Have you added a posts to these categories?

Thank you - I made the changes and they worked beautifully - Really appreciate your help!

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