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Latest Reply from Grace at 2016-07-04 04:05:06
The sample of the Gym themes shows a full width slider, one of the reasons I purchased it. But I can't get my slider to display full width, I made them the recommended size, but no luck. How do I make the slider full width as shown in the demo of the Gym theme?
When I add this to the integration custom css field it seems to work

.fp-thumbnail img {
height: auto;
width: 100%;

Is that proper?

I have visited your website and checked it. As I can see you use the 1024x450px thumbnail size for a slider. Could you clarify what recommended thumbnail size you use? If this size is different from 1920x843px try to return your changes and use the 1920x843px size.
The images I uploaded were 1920x843 and I put them in the "featured image" area of the page, when I click there it says they are 1920x843. Where is the thumbnail size set? I don't remember setting that.

Are you referring to the general media sizes in the Wordpress settings?
In there it says this:

Thumbnail size 101x150

Medium size 300x300

Large size 1024X1024
Well I changed all of those to 1920x843 and it had no effect, so I guess that's not it. Where is the thumbnail size you are referring to? The files are uploaded are 1920x843.

I mean the 1920x843px size as a recommended thumbnail size for slides. As I can see, you have fixed this issue by adding the .fp-thumbnail img property, it seems that this is the reason. Thank you to let us know about this issue and your solution.

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