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I need to switch this site >>
with your GRANDIT theme has two search bars on the HomePage

I think it is interfering with GRANDIT's SlideShow, see pic below

What can I do ??

Thank You
Slideshow WORKs when I go into LIVE PREVIEW.. see pic
How can I fix this , Live Preview vs Actual production ??
Or , how can I use a STATIC pic instead of the SlideShow ??

Thanks You !!
1) To remove searchbox from slider you will have to delete the following code from the header.php file:
<div class="menusearch" title="">
<?php get_search_form(); ?>

2)Could you clarify this question: "How can I fix this , Live Preview vs Actual production ??"
3) To set a static image you will need to set one image as a slide, turn off the options that you don't need such as "Show slide thumbnail", "Show text", "Show links", "Show slide title" and remove the arrows by deleting the code:
<div class="fp-prev-next-wrap">
<div class="fp-prev-next">
<a href="#fp-next" class="fp-next"></a>
<a href="#fp-prev" class="fp-prev"></a>
inside the grandint/inc/library.php file.
thank you

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