Google Maps isnt showing up

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So i have the sterio theme installed on my wordpress and with that i have a calendar plugin. This plugin allows a google maps map to be showed when entered an address. Sadly this google map isn't showing up.

After contacting the plugin they told me:

"In this cases of a theme conflict we recommend reaching out to the theme author on it. This might be caused by a double inclusion of the Maps API. Regarding the messages in the console, they are warnings and they should be limiting the display of the map. Hope the theme author can help you to solve this!"

So does anyone have an idea how this can be solved?


Could you give us the URL of your website, please.

Example of google maps not working in the plugin:

Please, try to delete the code from the functions.php file:

 switch ( $translated_text ) {

case 'View all posts filed under %s' :

$translated_text = $SMTheme->_( 'altcats' );


Somehow, this code conflicts with the Events Calandar Plugin.
Awesome! This solved the problem :D

Thank you very much!

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