Googlemaps Broken in RealEstater Theme

Latest Reply from Grace at 2016-07-11 02:52:45
Hi. I'm considering purchasing the RealEstater theme, but have encountered a few problems. For starters, the Googlemaps shortcode does not render maps!

I searched these forums and found various topics reporting the same issue with other themes. The suggested fix of deleting the code below, however, simply breaks the site with a fatal error.

switch ( $translated_text ) {

case 'View all posts filed under %s' :

$translated_text = $SMTheme->_( 'altcats' );


See example at

Thanks in advance for any help!

Could you give me the address examples which you try to add by the Google Maps shortcode?
Thank you for the prompt reply Grace!

I have tried using various different addresses and/or gps coordinates.

For instance, none of these work:

[gmap addr="390 Cactus Hill Dr., Gunnison, CO 81230"]Tooltip[/gmap]

[gmap addr="38.005361,-107.308617"]Tooltip[/gmap]

[gmap addr="240 Rainbow Dr. Livingston TX 77399"]Tooltip[/gmap]

It appears that the theme is missing an API key for Googlemaps...

Googlemaps will therefor not authenticate, so no maps display.

Please advise ASAP.
FF & Safari Consoles Report:

This service requires an API key. For more information on authentication and Google Maps Javascript API services please see:

[ cycle ] terminating; zero elements found by selector

Google Maps API warning: NoApiKeys
FYI: I tried switching themes and the same issue also occurs in both Constat and Houser.

No maps, and the same No API Key warnings... :-\


As I can see, you currently use a theme by another theme developer and have the same issue. It means that the Google Maps issue is not caused by work of our themes. Probably, a reason of the issue is a recent Google Maps update. Try to contact the Google support in order to detect and fix this issue.

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