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The location of the google Maps does not show correct.
The coordinates are correct but the location on the map showed is 1 km west of where it should be.

Any chance to fix this?


You may enter address or longitude and latitude for map center. For example "Baker St 221b, London" and "51.523795,-0.158465" have the same result. Which address you entered for the map on your website?
Long/lat I use.

But it is every time the same, no matter which coordinates I give.

It works on every map I used but the one from the theme every time has the same problem. And I want to use it after trying some other plugins for mapping.

How can I fix this?
Can send you examples if you want.
I do not know why this thread is listed under frackois, I use the flafaz theme.

Please, give us the coordinates of the place. We will try to test the map in the Flafaz theme. Besides, you may try to do the same test with Google Map, because our built-in map is a plugin from Google.
Hi, you can choose any coordinates you like. Test it with whatever plugin or Google maps to see if it is correct and then test it with the plugin used in flafaz and you will see there is a difference. 1 km west of where it should be.
The coordinates are correct and tested on several plugins which all show the place exactly. But not the one in the flafaz theme.

PS: Is there a way I can adjust settings so I get mail when there is a reply on a support thread?
Any updates?
Just answer, is someone going to solve this or not?
Sorry to keep you waiting so long to answer your message. Now, we have fixed this bug. You may download the theme from our website and get the updated version of Flafaz.
Thank you!
Problem appears again!!!
Deleted old theme, uploaded new, was solved, problem is back again...

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