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How do i integrate googla analytics code in this theme?

Thank you

You need to include Google Analytics JS code in file header.php.

Hi, thanks for the reply.
Just a sugestion, wouldn't be easier if the themes already came with a field where the admin would insert the code?

I don't know if its possible to implement, but it would help the less techie people!


In fact, you can use option "Head Code" on the page "wp-admin/admin.php?page=integration" of your dashboard.

I found this thread and am having trouble adding the google analytics code to my page. I currently have the Fashionstyle theme and entered the code in the Integration - Head Code area. However, when checking to see if it is working, it doesn't appear to be. How do I resolve this? thank you!

This theme works properly. Please, try to enter it again and give us the URL of your website, please. Why do you think it is not there?

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