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On the Demo site for Gameworld up in the top right corner there is a tab coming down that has "Contacts and Page without sidebar"
I would like to know how to get this little tab to appear on my website and would also like to add four or five social buttons there instead of the text. Is this possible?

And second note, thank you for resolving the theme activation problem, Im liking the theme so far.
You can add this menu on page Appearance -> Menus of your dashboard. Just create there new menu and specify position "Top Menu". Unfortunately, WordPress does not support images there but you can add it manually to html code. To do it you have to replace code
<div id='secondarymenu'>
<?php wp_nav_menu('depth=0&theme_location=sec-menu&container_class=menu-topmenu-container&menu_class=menus menu-topmenu&fallback_cb=block_sec_menu'); ?>


<div id='secondarymenu'>
<div class='menu-topmenu-container'>
<li><a href="link1"><img src="image1" /></a></li>
<li><a href="link2"><img src="image2" /></a></li>

Replacing link1, link2, ... and image1, image2, ... to yours values.

I have the following issue, step by step, which ends up with the message
'You attempted to edit an item that doesn’t exist. Perhaps it was deleted?'

The steps are:

1. Log in to Wp-admin
2. Edit a page
3. Click 'View Page'
4. Click the 'Edit Page' link in the top WP bar.

The page jumps up and to the left, and then displays the error message. This jumping up and to the left also happens whenever a menu item in the sidebar is clicked, and needs to be prevented.

Can you assist?

First i guess your site's css has problem. take a look at you width of your site ! it's too long for me.

Second, almost i'm sure about it :D
after clicking on View page or Edit page please look at your address bar, i guess it is not exactly , i guess it's something else like this problem may appear when you trying to pasting your WP config again and when you wanna edit or add it redirect you to default setting. if in italian version you have no issue about that, i'm sure the problem is your config. it may located in your DataBase or WP config that is using old DataBase or URL Configs. both can edit in your WP -> Settings menu or URL ( try to edit when you are logged in your WP dashboard ).

Hope work,
Have fun!

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